Summer Reading Lists

We encourage our students to read during the summer for enjoyment, leisure, and learning. Reading is fun!

We have compiled a list of suggested books that are fun, engaging, mysterious, thought-provoking, informative, meaningful, inventive, inspiring, motivational, and more! The list includes award-winning books as well as others recognized by our faculty and various literary journals as meaningful reading for students of various ages.

High School

Reading is essential to critical thinking and preparation for College, Careers, and Citizenship. Summer reading is required of all NNPS high school students. Contact Kelly McCoig, Instructional Supervisor, with questions or comments.

Middle School

Students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade should read at least one book that they will discuss in September. This list suggests authors and titles that are popular with middle school students. Students may choose from this list or they may select any other book that appeals to them. Copies of these books are available in the schools, at public libraries, and at local bookstores. Contact Kelly McCoig, Instructional Supervisor, with questions or comments.

Elementary School

Elementary students are not required to read a particular book or series over the summer, but we encourage you to use the resources below to create a reading plan that is just right for your student and family. Choose the list for the grade your child will enter in the fall.

Due to COVID-19, many public libraries may be closed or have limited access. However, you may be able to find digital copies of many of the books referenced by searching online. Additionally, Newport News Public Library offers several digital resources, such as Storytime and Storyline Online, as well as the traditional Summer Reading Challenge, to help keep students engaged in literacy throughout the summer.

Additional educational activities and resources such as websites and apps, virtual field trips, and social-emotional support for students:

Contact Shaundalyn Thomas, Instructional Supervisor, with questions or comments.

Summer Learning!

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Library Bitmoji
Some of our innovative school librarians have created interactive "Bitmoji Scenes" to encourage summer reading and learning! Choose a librarian to visit her bitmoji scene, then click the images in the scene to find fun activities.