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Pupil Transportation

Pupil Transportation

School Bus Stop Safety

Newport News Public Schools’ user-friendly Bus Stops and Zones Webquery system allows parents and students to input a home address and grade level to determine the bus stop closest to the home address. In addition to providing a listing of scheduled bus stops and the approximate walking distance from the home, parents and students may view a neighborhood map. Please contact your child’s school with bus stop questions.

Please remember! Run times may vary significantly during the first week of school until all students have registered and adjustments are made due to construction, traffic and final student loads.

During the first week of school, students should arrive at the bus stop 15 minutes before the published stop time. If the bus has not arrived by the published stop time, students are asked to remain at the bus stop for another 15 minutes. If the bus has not arrived by then, please call your school for assistance. After the first week of school, students should arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before stop time. Please keep a lookout and be prepared to stop. Remember, passing a stopped school bus is against the law!

  • Arrive at the bus stop 15 minutes before the stop time.
  • Look for the run number in the right front window of the bus (last three digits).
  • If you have any questions about bus stops, please call your child's school. Each school's phone number is listed at the top of its bus stop page.

The community office of the police department works with our transportation department to keep kids safe at bus stops. To this end, they have provided the following information on bus logs:

Student Safety at Bus Stops

  • More Safety Tips from the National Safety Council
  • Bus Stop Rules(from Rights & Responsibilities Handbook)
  • Arrive on time with school supplies in backpack.
  • Walk as far off the road as possible, to the left, facing traffic.
  • Accept a ride only if your parents or school officials have approved.
  • Be alert to driveways, alleys, parked cars, and turning cars.
  • Wait quietly and as far from road as possible.
  • Check traffic, wait for driver's signal to board, check traffic again.
  • Know the danger zone: walk at least 10 giant steps away from the bus.
  • Form single line and use handrail to board.
  • Move directly to seat, sit facing front, and hold belongings in lap.
  • Keep aisle clear and keep arms, legs and head inside bus.
  • Speak quietly, and talk to the driver only in emergencies.
  • Get bus driver's permission before picking up an item you have dropped outside the bus.

Join the team!

NNPS school bus drivers are offered competitive pay, flexible hours and generous benefits. Job seekers 19 and older can call (757) 881-5061 for more information.